Cronic Worldwide Mission Statement

Throughout the world, decriminalization and legalization are on the move, transforming the steady smolder of gradual progress into an enlightening blaze of revolution, as people worldwide take back their right to partake in the miraculous uses of Marijuana. A plant with the ability to heal the mind and body along with the potential to heal our world's damaged environment and broken economies. Cronic Lifestyle Magazine stands firmly at the forefront of this global ganja revolution.

Based in the heart of Denver Colorado, the Marijuana capital of the world, we're experiencing first-hand how legal Marijuana is stimulating our local economy as crime rates continue to fall and families aren’t being destroyed by arbitrary laws criminalizing this God given herb. We are living proof and a prime example that Marijuana can help any city anywhere in the world to prosper and progress on so many different levels and our mission is to share our insight with you and to use the power of truth and knowledge to help change marijuana laws all around the world.

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years and her healing properties continue to prove themselves time and time again. Hemp has also proved to be an incredible source of food and is remarkably versatile and eco-friendly with many modern applications for fuel, clothes, paper, beauty products, automobile fabrication, toxic waste removal and building material. The simple fact that we can heal ourselves, heal the environment, alleviate famine and encourage prosperity all over the world with this one amazing plant is phenomenal.

With that being said, we’ve taken our message south of the border with the Spanish version of our magazine, Cronic Latino! After years of suffering the poisonous and violent effects of The United States War on Drugs, Latin American countries such as Mexico, Columbia and Chile are putting an end to the bloodshed and oppression by legalizing for medical purposes, with the exception of Uruguay which has been recreationally legal since 2013. In the U.S. nearly half the states have stood up to their own federal government, legalizing for medicinal use along with a brave few who have gone full recreational. Our passion and publication transcends all borders as we continue the good fight and solidarity will truly be essential to our success.

It's not just North and South America making the shift toward legalization. This is a global movement, with nations throughout the world such as The Czech Republic, Germany, India, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Nepal, Australia and amazingly North Korea are all on the verge of modifying their Marijuana laws. The world has been hurting and it deserves the freedom to heal itself with the wonderful “Tree of Life” thus making the earth a better place for us, our children and for future generations to come.

As you hold Cronic Magazine in your hands, let it be a portal into the freedom we all deserve and partake in our global vision as we welcome you to a revolutionary taking back of what was once ours since the beginning of time. When you purchase our magazine you help fuel our mission to enlighten the misinformed and persuade the ignorant as we continue to spread the Ganja Gospel worldwide at all cost. We won't rest until legalization comes to you, but until then, keep us on hand for your visits to Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Washington State and our nation’s capital Washington DC. The stores listed within require only a 21 and up I.D. and are awaiting your arrival. So enjoy yourself, smoke responsibly, respect others and remember to always keep it Cronic.

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